Welcome Message

We are pleased to officially announce the commencement of the first ASJA Workshop Reunion Event to be held on 19th February, 2022. To all fellow past workshop participants from our first workshop held in 2014 to our latest 2019, you are cordially invited to attend the ASJA workshop virtual reunion event. It’s been years since we have last met our friends and teammates, and here is the opportunity to meet each other. There will be many fun and interactive activities for the reunion event and we hope that you can join us that day. Please check the details below and don’t forget register for your attendance!

Loo Mun Hong
President, ASJA Workshop Reunion Organizing Committee

About ASJA Workshop

Since it’s inception in 2014, in addition to 214 ASJA-MEXT students, ASJA Workshop has attracted more than 162 Japanese students from universities all over Japan. Through various activities in the 4-day 3-night study camp, ASJA-MEXT students and Japanese university students are given opportunities to deepen their understanding about each other’s culture, exchange ideas on regional issues and international cooperation.

This annual Workshop’s main goal has always been to encourage interaction and engagement between ASJA-MEXT students and Japanese university students and to create close connection between them. Unfortunately, the global pandemic has put a stop to that and the Workshop was cancelled for 2 consecutive years since 2020.

Despite that, ASJA’s mission of nurturing future leaders does not stop. 7 years have passed since the first Workshop, it is time to witness how the hundreds of Workshop Alumni have evolved and, more importantly, it is time to re-strengthen the bond between the future leaders of 10 ASEAN countries and Japan.

ASJA Workshop Reunion Event

ASJA Workshop Reunion Event will be the first reunion event for the ASJA Workshop participants and will be organized fully by ASJA graduates who have participated in the Workshop at least two times in the past.

Considering the pandemic situation, it is unclear that whether it is feasible or not to hold a live physical event anytime soon. Also, to encourage participance of ASJA graduates who are not in Japan and Japanese participants who are not in Tokyo, the committee has decided to make this a virtual event.

In recent years, the online tools we have nowadays allow us to connect to each other more easily than ever. Among the tools available, the committee has chosen oVice to be platform for the reunion event as it creates a virtual space that resembles a real event and allows for a more flexible and interactive setting.

Through the interaction-based activities, we hope this online reunion event will bring the participants closer together, even though they are far apart physically.

Main Objectives

  1. To witness and celebrate the growth of past participants since the participation in ASJA Workshop.
  2. To restrengthen the bond and relationship between past ASJA Workshop participants.
  3. To create new connections among the participants from the different year.
  4. To continue promoting ASJA Workshop and help attracting new future participants.
  5. To aim to develop a strong relationship of mutual confidence and trust based on “heart-to-heart” understanding between ASEAN countries and Japan, as indicated in Fukuda Doctrine.

Program Detail


Saturday 19th February 2022, 10:00-18:00 (Japan time)


Online (oVice)
(Link will be sent after registering.)
Free of charge, pre-event registration necessary
please sign up here!  >>


10:00 Opening
10:20 Introduction to oVice
10:30 Ice breaking
12:00 Lunch session
13:00 Team games
13:30 Past workshops’ presentation video
13:45 Presentation briefing
14:00 Presentation preparation
15:00 Break
15:15 Presentation + Q&A
16:30 Closing
17:00 Networking

The agenda is tentative and subject to change.

Preview of Program


  • Opening speeches
  • Explanation of program schedule

Introduction to oVice

  • Introduction to oVice and different spaces in oVice.
  • Troubleshooting of technical issue, if any.

Ice breaking

  • Participants will be divided into groups and led by facilitators for ice breaking activities.
  • Ice breaking activities include:
    o Self-introduction
    o Keyword game (without using Katakana)

Lunch session

  • Participants are allowed to roam freely around oVice space and interact with others (e.g. introducing their lunch).

Team games

  • Participants will be divided into groups and the games will be played among groups.
  • Quiz game using Kahoot about ASEAN and Japan

Past presentation video

  • A video compilation of past workshop presentations will be displayed.

Presentation briefing

  • Presentation briefing session.
  • Presentation topic: The main theme will be:

Presentation preparation

  • Participants will begin discussion and preparation for the presentation in group.

Presentation and Q&A

  • There will be maximum of 8 groups and each group will have 5 mins for presentation and 5 mins for Q&A.

Award ceremony and closing

  • A simple award ceremony and a closing remark.


  • Participants are allowed to roam freely around oVice space and interact with others.
  • This session is not compulsory and they are allowed to leave at any time.


\ Registration form can be found here. /


After registration, you will receive a confirmation email on the following working day containing the participation link. You will also receive reminder emails at set times.